Restoring Kinship

Many parents are estranged from their adult children. Others have serious concerns about their sons and daughters and about their grandchildren.

I can support you in preparing for phone or face-to-face meetings and mediations.

With compassionate accompaniment and deep, empathic listening, parents can get to understanding their sons and daughters and the root causes of conflict and separation.

I will coach you on using the tools of NVC to first settle your own heart and mind, and then to build a bridge of effective communication with your sons and daughters.


As a mother of two adult sons, I have traveled through many of the fears and heartaches that are part of today’s family challenges including substance abuse and estrangement.


Free initial 20 minute phone consultation.

One-on-one Consultation $75/hour

I'm available in person, by phone and by videoconferencing. 

Occasionally I offer onsite and online classes.

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